Why Choose to Study Mandarin Language?


Career advancement:

China’s economy is currently the second- biggest in the world and has a growth rate of almost 10% per year. Speaking Mandarin is an extraordinary asset; it will increase your skills and will set you apart from everybody else. You will be able to apply for a bigger range of jobs. If you are thinking of working in an international environment, for example in a multinational company, or in an international organization, the ability to speak Chinese would be a particularly valuable asset.


Communication Purpose:

Since many Chinese people cannot really speak English, this is the time to begin learning Mandarin. If you can speak Mandarin you will be able to communicate with locals not just from China, but from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia as well, including Chinese people living abroad. Speaking Mandarin is an asset and will open new doors for you.



Level 1 & 2   Beginner

A comprehensive approach, offering interactive learning from Beginners up to Lower Intermediate level, covering oral, reading, and writing. Focus is on pronunciation with accurate intonation through use of pin yin (phonetics) and Chinese characters. Dialogue practice based on daily- life conversations in China. Incorporates auditory training and introduction to Chinese culture and customs.


Level 3   Intermediate

Students who have completed Mandarin Beginner continue with Lower Intermediate Mandarin. At this level students will read Chinese characters without relying on the assistance of pin yin. A communication-based programed that takes students to the Advanced programs.


Level 4   Advance

A supplementary subject of students of Mandarin Language. After mastering the Beginner and Intermediate level, the student will move to advance level class to learn in depth of pronunciation, vocabulary and also Chinese characters.



Malaysian Citizen

  1. Age between 18 to 35
  2. Have SPM certificate


Foreign Citizen

  1. Age between 18- 35
  2. Have academic certificate from origin country


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