Why Choose to Study Bahasa Melayu ?


Career advancement and also communication purpose:

Bahasa Melayu  increase your chances to communicate with people from Indonesia and also Singapore. If you intend to work in Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore, this language is really helpful. Bahasa Melayu helps you get connected with people from that country as communication is the gist in everyday life.


National Language for Malaysia:

Bahasa Melayu is the national language for Malaysia. If you plan to work or stay in Malaysia, then you definitely need to learn this language.



Level 1   Beginner

In this level, students will be exposed to the syllabus of Reading and Counting I, Writing I, Listening and Speaking I. Students will be able to translate and create simple words and sentences. Students also are able to do basic mathematics.


Level 2   Intermediate

This level is the continuous level of beginner level. In this Intermediate level, students will learn the continuous syllabus from foundation level which are Reading and Counting II, Writing II, Listening and Speaking II. In this level, students are able to widen their vocabulary and also able to correct their pronunciation while increase their current knowledge in counting, listening and writing.


Level 3   Advance

This level will advance the students into Reading and Counting III, Writing III, Listening and Speaking III. In this level, students are expected to be able to read long sentences with the correct pronunciation and also write a long essay with correct punctuation and grammar. Students also are expected to be able to give speeches and read the news in Bahasa Melayu.


Level 4   Superior

Level 4 will teach students on the syllabus of Grammar and Practical I, Grammar and Practical II and Grammar and Practical III. This syllabus will enrich students’ vocabulary and also the affix and suffix. Students also will learn the synonym, antonym, idioms, collective nouns and also punctuation.








Malaysian Citizen

  1. Age between 18 to 35
  2. Have SPM certificate


Foreign Citizen

  1. Age between 18- 35
  2. Have academic certificate from origin country


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